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“Our success doesn’t come from just delivering services. It comes from standing firmly behind our clients and their projects; when we commit to you, we commit for the long haul.”

Founded in Dec 2005 , GLOBAL Technology is an innovative high technology provider of Web-based, Intranet, eBusiness, Graphics and eCommerce solutions that allow business’s to become more productive and efficient with superior Return On Investment (ROI). The company’s products and custom software solutions can be configured to meet customer’s specific and expanding business systems requirements.

At Global Technology, we recognize that business exists to serve community and we are dedicated to repaying the community for the opportunities and successes that have been presented to us.

Why choose us?

  • Our own design method with guidance
  • No offshore designers
  • 24 / 7, Dedicated Support Staff
  • Realistic prices that you can afford!
  • Fast turnarounds

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