5 things to Rank Higher Than Competitor

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1. Code: Underlying code won`t get your rankings but not having the good underlying code will keep you from Ranking

2. Content: Your content has to communicate your company`s unique selling proposition using the work that people who are looking for your goods & services are most likely to type into a search engine.

3. Connections: Building links is about building connections. Connections are what separate good SEO from great SEO.

4. Communications: Social media will not provide you with direct SEO benefits but social media is extremely important to the success of any SEO program. Currently, the best way to cultivate relationships with the right influencers is by communications and interaction on Social Media.

5. Capture: In order to understand if a top-of-the-funnel keyword us effective, you must look beyond the last click of a conversion. This is just one example of how data from your website needs to be used to guide your ongoing SEO strategy.

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