7 Best Web Development Tutorials for Freshers

7 Best Web Development Tutorials for Freshers

Web Development is a process which demands a unique way of creation and technical knowledge. It also encompasses the correct implementation of the technical aspects. The world of digital marketing has become very competitive. It demands a lot of concentration and awareness about the latest innovations. It becomes equally important to stand out differently on the digital platform as a web developer. Web developers’ work becomes their identity. They are known for their Web Development and Programming. We have provided here the best tutorials; you can follow to acquire knowledge in the field of Web Development and Programming.

  • HTML Dog’s Beginning HTML Guide:

This group tutorials provide clear guidance for the fundamental features. It has been proved as a beginner-friendly tutorial. The course programme is designed; keeping in mind the basic characteristic of HTML, CSS or JavaScript. The course gives step by step knowledge; beginning with simple stuff and moving towards complex stuff in a progressive way.  The content of the course starts with the definitions of various concepts with an easily accessible index. The index itself gives a brief description of the included topics. The difference between HTML and CSS is described very well in a simple format.

  • Mozilla Developer Network:

The developers of Firefox browser have come up with Mozilla Developer Network. It starts from the roots of the web development and takes the learner towards a more advanced level. The information provided; is updated and well managed so as to make it available for the learners. The MDN community helps the web developers to learn with an analytical approach. It is a stage where experienced developers give their opinions to the learners. Their tag line which says” for developers, by developers” itself explains the objective of their networking. It is simple to access and can be joined easily.

  • 30 days to learn jQuery:

jQuery is a JavaScript library where one can explore step by step learning of Web Development. Basically, it is designed for scripting on client -side. It provides different features of 30 minutes session for beginners along with quizzes to check one’s knowledge. Scripting is a demanding task where a developer needs to understand the requirement of programming. jQuery gives a profusion of exposure about scripting and coding. It needs fifteen minutes to spend every day to dig into the concepts of scripting.

  • Non-Programmer’s Tutorials to Python 3:

If you are willing to move ahead in programming languages, then python is the best one to use. This tutorial will help to deal with code and scripting.it is designed for those who want to put a milestone in programming. It is completely based on practical teaching which can help a learner to know the basics of scripting. It will also give a chance to study about building a window and mac versions. It will give a vision towards the starting point for ports to all other platforms. Python is not difficult to implement if you study it thoroughly. There is no need for previous experience in order to get connected with this tutorial.

  • PHP 101 for the Absolute Beginners:

It gives you extended proficiency in server-side programming. If you are willing to gain expertise in writing a code, then this course is perfect to have an enhanced understanding of coding. It will be useful while developing web pages and web apps. It takes the developers on the platform where she or he can be capable of developing a dynamic web scripting language. It is beneficial while handling WordPress, e-commerce, social networking.

  • W3schools:

Here is another gem from the treasure of knowledge. This tutorial provides in-depth insight into web development. It gets started with basics and digs deep into more detailed web development topics. It can take you in the process of learning front-end and back-end data. It adds credibility to your knowledge by providing a certification course. It teaches the importance of Responsive Web Design and Development which is used in all the types of Web Creation.

  • .Com:

This tutorial is actually meant for absolute freshers. It covers all the concepts of tag and attributes. It gives a comprehensive awareness of what tools to use while creating a web page. The clear and specific instructions are presented with images and examples. The learner’s task becomes simple as it includes chart sheet with linked topics to refer a particular topic.

The above-given tutorials are suitable for all; who are looking forward to building their career as Web Developers. It also provides awareness to those who are not equipped with prior knowledge. Learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript is a great pleasure with all these tutorials. The Web Developing and Programming is a task which includes a stepping stone, starting from creation to building an impressive web page. It opens up the path of a great future ahead. We hope that this article will lead you towards the path of a new exploration.

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