Content Writing – 10 types and when to use them

Content Writing - 10 types and when to use them

When we talk about Content Writing and scope of career development, it catches our eyes because the art of content writing has become the vital part of today’s competitive world. It is a vast subject and have a crucial position in every field. If you intend to work with a Content Writing Company in India or you want to flourish your career as a freelancing content writer, then you need to understand the working and importance of content writing. Here are ten kinds of content writing and a brief description about their usage.

1. SEO Writing

2. Blog Writing

3. Copy Writing

4. Social Media Writing

5. Press Release Writing

6. Business Writing

7. Technical Writing

8. Lead Generation Writing

9. Editorial (Journalistic write-up) Writing

10. Academic Writing

1. SEO Writing: It refers to Search Engine Optimization. The SEO writers develop the content in combination with the key words. The SEO writers have to research the scope of those key words and add them in their writing. It boosts the website to rank high in the search engine. It generates the appropriate traffic for the website. SEO writing is done in order to accelerate the ranking of the company’s website in the search engine. A content writing company in India provides the service to create a content for your website to get the high ranking in the search engine.

2. Blog Writing: Blog is a form of writing where a good write-up connects the writers with the readers. It deals with the area of writing where a writer can express the personal views, feelings and opinions. Blog Writing Services deal with introducing the company or its brand, making it available to the viewers. It is a kind of a diary or journal consisting details. Companies can have their own blog on their websites. It helps for promotional activities also. Blog Writing Services give boost by promoting the brand with the help of research and writing skills.

3. Copy Writing: Advertising a brand is the chief motive of the Copy Writing. Copy Writers need to create a demanding image of the brand in the market. Unique way of thinking can bring them to platform where they are able to present a good write up. The Copy Writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is like a magical wand which should have ability to create something new every day. Professional Content Writers are equipped with creativity to give some sparkling shade to the brand which makes it attractive in front of the viewers.

4. Social Media Writing: It involves all the activities related to promoting the brand on the social media. The writers need to be very creative along with using hashtags and creative ideas. It demands regularly updating those ideas in order to make it eye-catchy. A content writing company in India deals with expertise to market the brand on the platform of Social Media. The company chooses the path of social media when they set up a goal to expand their business and make position in the competitive market.

5. Press Release Writing: The role of a Professional Content Writer comes in the picture when a company intends to expand its business or they launch a new brand or a service. When a writer writes in the field of this kind of writing, he needs to blend the marketing aspect along with his writing skills. Press Release is done even when a company gets merged, starts a new venture, takes a giant leap in a business deal. The writer has to keep the expansion and sales promotional goals in his mind while writing a Press Release.

6. Business Writing: Commercial Communication takes its way when we talk about Business Writing. It demands deep and detailed study of business world. It includes official copies and letters, memos, summaries, proposal papers, request for proposal papers (REP) and many more. It gives you an experience in the area of business development and communications. Being a Professional Content Writer, it adds to the credibility of your resume, if you have gained knowledge in Business Writing.

7. Technical Writing: This type of writing deals with the complex and technical part of the brand. When there is a need to describe the technical features of the brand then technical writers perform the task of comprehending those features, making it simple for the customers to understand. The technical writers should have knowledge in details about the subject. He needs to be the master of his subject rather than being jack of all because it is very important to explain the technical aspects of the brand in a simple way.

8. Lead Generation Writing: As a lead generation writer, you need to acquire the sales promotional skills along with well comprehending writing skills. The writer has to research and try to deliver the content that reaches the targeted audience effectively. The objective of the writer is to create a lead and make the brand attractive with the help of words.

9. Editorial (Journalistic Write-up) Writing: It deals with writing an article for a newspaper or a magazine, under the guidelines of an editor. This form of writing is rather free from viewpoints, opinions or set of rules. Though it can have a set of other’s viewpoints as a part of it. It gives facts and figures also. Editorial writing is all about generating a write-up comprising of facts, opinions and details of current affairs. It needs a deep knowledge of language with proper use of grammar and vocabulary. Now a days, companies also uses this platform to advertise their brand through articles in the news paper or online.

10 .Academic Writing: It deals with creating a content for academic purpose like schools, colleges and other courses in education. It demands the knowledge in details on the basis of detailed study and sharp observation. Now a days,

this task is done, keeping in mind, the psychology of the students of particular age group.

These are the different areas of content writing where you can apply your skills and be an efficient Content Writer. It becomes very important to keep on sharpening your skills on the basis of everyday learning because practice makes man perfect. As a content writer, one should have a keen eye to observe and a command over language. It adds touch of excellence to one’s writing. Keep on exploring and learning with us. You can share your opinions and suggestions with us.

We are here to welcome your ideas and views with opened arms.

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