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An online store isn’t any different than a physical store. Customers inspect the new merchandise, cross-check their requirements and select the product that they feel are apt and similar incase of a web business, they click on the primary link that draws their attention. So, your online store style and services contains a lot of responsibilities to attract your customers. The website ought to be ready to attract and keep the customers attention so as for you to form some profitable business on-line. There are various factors that contribute towards creating an honest and interactive style.
Here are a number of the principles you must follow to form an attractive
Web Design:

Online users are always on the look out for specific products and services. They want all the information and details as quick as possible. So it is advisable to place your most significant info in such a manner that it is easily visible. Create the navigation bar as simple as it can be. Your target must be – 
“Minimum Navigation, Precise Information”.
Keep the user requirements at a minimal level. When your website asks for a lots of information from the user to perform even the basic operations, it will definitely displease the user. After all nobody asks a user to fill various forms for basic browsing or register with a extremely long procedure. Always remember, don’t check the user’s patience.
Once on your website, your design must to be ready to catch the user’s attention to precisely wherever you would like them to go! Focus user’s attention on it. You can  simply tweak your website design to cater to your and the customers’ needs.

Clarity is that the key. Create your website in a way that all the features of your website are visible clearly.

Again, simplicity in style is an important a part of a good web design. If you complicate matters for your users, they’ll merely leave. Customers are always in a hurry, always keep that in mind.

Your website design is the most effective tool in communicating with your users. And visual means of communications are the best means to put forth your thoughts. That is exactly what your website design theory should address.

Finally, check and test your website for full functionality in all browsers and various platforms available. Your website shall be of purpose for you and the user only when it will be displayed as you designed it to look on the particular platform and browser. Ensure that your website design is responsive enough to adapt to various display sizes for the best user experience. This ensures success of your web design and will help you achieve your desired target audience.

Always keep in mind that users appreciate quality and credibleness of  the content. They’re not going to read everything that you may have written. They scan content, and generally click on products or links that best captures their attention. It is essential to organize your information in a simplistic and realistic manner. You may use graphics and even flash if it creates easy, clear and a better way to inform the user about facts or promotions. Always design your website in a manner so it becomes very easy to navigate and access because in the end even you would like to use websites which are simple n artistic !

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