5 mistakes not to be done while Branding

5 mistakes not to be done while Branding

When it comes to branding, we need to dig deep inside the digital marketing. The digital world itself has become so much of advanced and objective oriented that introducing a product or service is not enough. Branding is all about creating an image of the company. The hearts of the customers can be won by providing good quality. The maintenance of that quality is equally important because it builds a strong impression of your brand. Minor negligence can affect the image of your brand. Following are

the glimpses of negligence which you should not let them happen when it comes to branding your product.

  • Unfamiliar presentation.

There are many brands, which has been enjoying the credit in the market for decades. This is because it is presented in front of the targeted audience in the right way. If the customer is not familiar with the usage and utility of the product then she or he will not be interested in the product. If the presentation of the product is not for the right kind of audience; then it will not be able to attain the objective of getting attention. For example, before online shopping applications were introduced in India, people could not think of buying things without having a physical experience. They marketed their services in such a way that not everyone, but many of us have started shopping online. You should avoid presenting a brand in a way which does not show any utility to the customers.

  • Lack of proper market research.

Market research plays a role of a torch in the darkness. It throws lights on the aspects of your strategies which can be missed out by you. The proper market research gives you an idea about the requirements for branding your product. Lack of market research can lead you towards the path of a wrong decision. It can cause an adverse effect on the sales target of the company. It becomes very important to take any decision after doing proper market research.

  • Wrong choice of sources for the feedback.

The quality of the product or services becomes effective by improvisation. It can be done on the basis of the feedback. The focus of gaining feedback should be on getting the correct details rather than the positive one. We can improve our product after getting genuine feedback. It helps to build up customer’s confidence in our brand. We can have the example of Airtel. They have come up with the advertisement that declares the number of complaints and they assure to make it zero. They have conveyed the message that they believe in having genuine feedback from their customers. A wrong choice of sources can take you a step back in the process of improvisation.

  • Not showing consistency.

There are many brands in the market which have secured a permanent place in the hearts of the customers. Since decades these brands have been the prior demands in the market. It is possible only because of the consistency maintained by those brands. It is human psychology to be loyal to something which is consistent since long. We would like to give an example of Maggie noodles. The company has always come up with many innovations along with being consistent. They have added many flavours but they have never been deviated from their original taste for which it became famous. The logo, the packing, the punch line – everything is being consistent since the time it is launched in the market. It can be harmful to your brand if the presentation and the quality are not consistent.

  • Inappropriate choice of marketing platform.

The digital world has gifted an entrepreneur with a wide range of exposure to sell her or his brand. We have got a variety of platforms for our brand. We can use social media and many other digital platforms. It depends on the requirements of the company. An inappropriate platform can have a negative effect on branding strategies. Proper market research and understanding the requirements of the brand can lead you to choose the correct marketing platform. As a thoughtful entrepreneur, you should not take any hasty decision when you are planning for a suitable marketing platform for your brand.

These are the guidelines for the mistakes which you should avoid while deciding the branding strategies for your brand or service. The digital market has given a new exposure to the intrapreneurs so that they can sell their brand in any corner of the world. Branding gives extension to this exposure. It keeps the brand into the memories of buyers. Branding plays an essential role when it comes to maintaining sales targets. It is not about only appreciating your brand. It is all about taking proper care of the brand.

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