The Difference Between Web Design and Web Development

The Difference Between Web Design and Web Development

Web Design and Web Development are two terms which can be misinterpreted by many of us. Though considered as same, these two crucial aspects of website creation are different from each other. Both are the two sides of a coin which can’t be separated still there is a difference between their mode of operations and functioning. It is very important to identify the requirements of the clients to give them the best results. With the same intention, we should have clarity in our mind about the functioning of Web Designing and Web Development. In this article, we would like to take you on the path of insight where you will be able to explore the core elements of both aspects.


Web design gives a structural look to the website. Web designers work on how the website should look like. They use their creativity to design the product in such a way that grabs viewers’ attention. Web designing demands creativity and new ideas. It gives the identity to the brand on the online platform. Web designer’s motive is to make the brand alluring so as to make it different from others in the market.

Web Development makes the website available to viewers. Web developers work on the functioning and accessibility of a website. They use their technical knowledge to maintain the working of the website. It gives existence to brand on the online platform. The motive of the web developer is to provide a coherent and uninterrupted user experience. The efforts are in the direction of creating a website which is easy to find in the search engine.


The process of Web Designing starts with the invention. Web designers actually invent new thoughts and ideas. Once the mind mapping is done; these ideas are arranged with the help of colour combinations and designs. The process of designing is all about creativity and it is attainment to show the existence of a product on a global level.

The process of Web Development starts with the task of gathering all the designs, arranging them in a layout, and putting them in an operating mode. Once the designs are ready; the role of a web developer starts. She or he has to take care of the quality of user index. The websites should be user friendly. The web developer always makes sure that the website should be easily operated by the client.

Area of focus

Web Designers have their focus on the layout and looks of the web page. They are very concerned about the presentation of every page and their designs because it is going to create an impact on the mind of viewers. The design represents the impression of every brand. The design should be magnetic and placed in an organized way. Every Web Designer is always in search of extraordinary ideas which can make the product unique from others. Web Designing focuses on a plethora of unique ideas and designs.

Web Developers concentrates on the usability of the website. They code the designs and layout, making them available online. They don’t involve themselves in the process of how does the website look like. Their task is to encode the pages designed and test the functionality of the website. If there is any obstacle while searching for a website; it can have a negative effect on the thinking process of customers. It is very important to keep the check on the usability of the website and update it regularly.

Working Pattern

Web Designing deals with the chain of several kinds of Designs which includes web graphic design, interface design, user experience design, and many more. Web Designs are made to create websites for Desktop browser, a mobile or a tablet browser. it encompasses the designing techniques like Responsive Web Design, Adaptive Web Design, Progressive Enhancement etc. Web Designing gives an image to a product by presenting the features of the product in a pleasant way. A web Designer is equipped with the knowledge of Abode Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Google Web Designer and many more tools.

Web Development manages the programming aspects of the website. It develops a website for the internet; in a broader sense, we can say the World Wide Web. It also involves developing a website for the intranet to get encoded to a private network. It provides services ranging from a single static page to complex web page, Electronic businesses or Social Network. It is weaved around many tasks like web content development, Web Engineering, Scripting on server-side, network security etc. CMS (Content Management System) can also be used in order to have easy access to the content of the website. The web developer must have knowledge of using HTML, JavaScript, CSS and other advanced tools.


This article gave us a sight that Designing and Development of a website are two different tasks. Though they are different from each other, both of the tasks are meant for the existence of a successful online business. Designing is the body and Development is the soul of every website. In a nutshell; we can say that designing gives identity to a website whereas development makes it available to readers by improving the user experience. Designing is the process of creation. Development is the process of channelising that creation to generate the appropriate traffic for the website.Share your experience about the journey of website creation with us. We are always looking forward to valuable feedback from our readers.

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